Parents as Partners

At Emirates British Nursery we recognise parents are the most important people to a child and with that the most important educators to their children. There are many ways in which parents can take part in making the nursery an active and vibrant community. We encourage parents to be active members within the nursery and to work together to develop the best learning and support for their child.

Parents are provided with a comprehensive termly curriculum which outlines the expectations, in all areas of development and learning. Parent/teacher meetings are scheduled twice a year to review your child's progress and parents will receive monthly newsletters from their child's class.

We have introduced a nursery "communicator", a platform of instant communication to parents using the latest technology. We also provide a range of support, information and advice for parents including monthly "chit chat" meetings and parents seminars delivered by specialist speakers on all aspects of pediatric care.

We also provide a range of support, information and advice for parents. We have an active Parent Teacher Association, and parents are always invited to participate in all community activities.

At Emirates British Nursery we enjoy a positive and supportive relationship with parents.


"Being first time parents we were very nervous about putting Matilda into nursery. My husband works in Health and Safety, so we approached looking for a nursery with this at the forefront of his mind.

When we went to visit Emirates British Nursery we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the best we'd seen by far! The facilities just blew us away! Matilda
has been extremely happy since day one. The staff are absolutely wonderful, creating a warm family atmosphere Matilda Hogan and we are delighted to be a part of this."


"We soon realized that our 3 month old Katy Perry would need to be looked after during the day as mommy returns to work. The proximity of Emirates British Nursery being built virtually on our doorstep, led to us viewing and admiring all the facilities being constructed. With bated breath we were one of the first few through the door to view, analyze, scrutinize and compare the institution to others, as Katy would not settle for anything less.

The helping hands during those first tearful days and the reassurance of always cheery faces made the journey that much easier. We're happy with our decision, never looked back and had several friends join afterwards. Katy enjoys
her time and her progress is evident with the level of socializing and overall development. Thank you EBN."


"Jaden has spent an amazing time in EBN, we really appreciate all the effort in ensuring a safe and secure environment while guaranteeing all learning activities are superbly fun packed.

It has been very rewarding for us to see Jaden feel so happy, secure and cared for this is all down to your hard work and dedication."


"Sammy has been at Emirates British Nursery since it opened and is blissfully happy there. The nursery is a really special place where children are nurtured, encouraged and utterly adored, we couldn't wish for anything better."




"We were initially very apprehensive when our daughter started at nursery, but straight away the staff put us and our daughter at ease. The staff are amazing. You get a very warm welcome and a professional service from management, security staff, reception staff and teaching staff alike.

Our daughter loves going to nursery and has developed both academically and socially.

We recommend the nursery to everyone!"





"When we arrived in Dubai we spent a lot of time looking at potential nurseries for our daughter. Having spent time visiting many nurseries in Dubai we visited the Emirates British Nursery in Mirdif and were immediately impressed by the facilities and the friendly staff. We immediately enrolled Emily in to the new EBN located in Motor City when it opened and we haven't looked back since.

Emily has had a wonderful time at EBN and her development has accelerated through the combination of learning experiences she's received. In all we couldn't be happier and we would highly recommend EBN."