Parents as Partners

At Emirates British Nursery we recognise parents are the most important people to a child and with that the most important educators to their children. There are many ways in which parents can take part in making the nursery an active and vibrant community. We encourage parents to be active members within the nursery and to work together to develop the best learning and support for their child.

Parents are provided with a comprehensive termly curriculum which outlines the expectations, in all areas of development and learning. Parent/teacher meetings are scheduled twice a year to review your child's progress and parents will receive monthly newsletters from their child's class.

We have introduced a nursery "communicator", a platform of instant communication to parents using the latest technology. We also provide a range of support, information and advice for parents including monthly "chit chat" meetings and parents seminars delivered by specialist speakers on all aspects of pediatric care.

We also provide a range of support, information and advice for parents. We have an active Parent Teacher Association, and parents are always invited to participate in all community activities.

At Emirates British Nursery we enjoy a positive and supportive relationship with parents.



Jana has been so happy at EBN since her very first day. She adapted very well and has a positive relationship with everyone in the nursery.

My personal favourite thing about EBN is the smile on everyone’s face when I’m dropping Jana off and picking her up.

Big thanks to everyone at EBN for taking care of my precious daughter.

Hana, Malak & Yousef


I decided to choose Emirates British Nursery for the following reasons:

  1. For its good reputation and for being an excellent foundation for good values and right conduct.
  2. For the safety of the nursery which starts from the gate.
  3. The staff are friendly and always show a great quality of care and they try to help and please the parents and the children.
  4. It has quality and dedicated teachers who see each child as a unique individual. Further more , it has a strong curriculum.


Leila and salama


Our experience at EBN has been delightful.

EBN has the most welcoming and warm environment! starting from the smiling faces and helpful attitude from the ladies at reception, they know every child’s name and greet them every morning, kids love it! To the headmistress being always in sight, friendly and available.

The teachers are very caring and loving with a positive attitude, I love how flexible they are with the kids in their first days at nursery helping them to settle down as fast as possible, my twins have learnt so much in just a couple of months, the teacher’s assistants are very helpful and loving too.

My girls love it, they are always very excited to go.

Thank you EBN for the great experience and helping getting my girls ready for school.



We chose EBN in 2012 for our first child based on a friends recommendation and returned in 2018 because of our own wonderful experience the first time. The care and attention that is apparent amongst the staff and teaching assistants at EBN leaves us with peace of mind knowing our little one is safe, happy and thriving.

As soon as you walk into the building you are welcomed with friendly smiles and a happy atmosphere which is extremely contagious! Even when you’re having one of those mornings! :)

I would highly recommend EBN, it’s a great start to an exciting learning adventure!



I love Emirates British nursery because it challenges my sons ability to learn more skills everyday. He comes everyday with new words and moves which puts a big smile on my face. I love EBN because they truly care about every single child.

Thank you to all the team for their hard work, patience and perseverance.



We chose Emirates British Nursery since 2013 when our older daughter Zara joined. Our son Noah has now been at the nursery since September 2017, enrolled when he was just 3 months old. The main reason we chose EBN for our childcare was the staff, their professionalism, caring, positive attitude, kindness, as well as the care of the facilities. This has not changed from the day we first visited the nursery to today. Each day, children and parents are greeted with smiles, children are welcomed and cuddled. Each child is treated as an individual and dealt with on this basis, each day my child has carried out a number of activities but with plenty of play time that focuses on the child development from social skills to motor skills. Noah is just a happy child who says “hi” to everyone. At the end of the day, we are always given feedback on what they had been doing.



We chose EBN for our son because his sister was here as well, and she loved it too. Samuel is very happy being in EBN. He has settled very well. He loves all the activities, and his life is filled with laughter and happiness We are very happy and enjoy the enthusiasm, friendliness, and professionalism of all the staff working here. We are very delighted that our son is doing his first organised learning steps in such a kind, inspiring and safe environment. We are very happy with his progress. He loves all the staff, and people who comforts him. EBN makes education fun, filled with opportunities for engaging the interest of a child in many different ways.

Thank you very much of taking such good care of him!



It feels like home.



EBN is a wonderful nursery with kind attentive staff and exceptional facilities. My eldest son joined in the jungle section and stayed with the nursery for FS1 which was an amazing environment for him to start his early years education. He thrived at the nursery and we are now delighted to be part of the EBN family again with our second son. We love the variety of experience and activities that the nursery offers to the children, the playgrounds and outdoor areas, the friendliness and kindness of the staff and the excellent standards that they maintain throughout. My son is excited to come to nursery and I can feel happy and relaxed knowing that he is in a safe and nurturing environment.



Michael is so happy at EBN , he runs to class in the mornings which is such a pleasure to see. Both our boys have enjoyed their early years at EBN, its an amazing place  “Our home away from home “ I cannot commend the exceptional staff and management enough and we are so thankful that both our children have been fortunate enough to have had such a wonderful nurturing experience at nursery. I would not hesitate in recommending EBN as they go above and beyond a parents expectation.



The very first time we visited EBN - Motorcity Branch, in 2012, my husband and I immediately knew it would be the perfect place for our son, Kyle, three months at that time, and who is now five years old attending school. Today Corey, our two-year-old son, is at his third year at the nursery and after all these years, we could not be more happy and proud to be a part of the EBN family. The facilities, being perfectly equipped, offer our children the required educational and nurturing environment meeting every child’s needs for their individual development, as well as a safe and inviting setting, which is exactly what we are looking for as parents. EBN takes great care of our children, and makes us feel like a family. All the staff knows our children’s names, even if they are not specifically in their classes, and whenever walking the halls, everyone would be greeting them by name with a smile on their faces, which makes EBN an amazing community. After two years of leaving EBN and whenever Kyle goes with his mommy to pick up Corey, all the staff still remembers him and is very kind coming up to him to talk to him. The teachers and assistant teachers are exceptional, ensuring our children are happy, comfortable and cheerfully learning in their classes. Without any hesitation we recommend EBN to all new parents who mention they are looking for nurseries for their children. Thank you EBN for all your support and for such a gratifying experience provided to our children and to us as parents as well.


Claudia and George

We are so proud to be part of Emirates British Nursery for the second time. 3 years ago our son Mark attended the nursery where he improved his skills to start his first year at school. Andrea my second child joined the nursery, she is so happy in her class, the environment is very good, the teachers and teacher assistants as well. Andrea is getting all the care and love from her teachers in a very professional educational approach. We are thankful for all the team of “Emirates British Nursery”.


Wendy and Craig

We chose EBN because of the outstanding facilities, and stayed because of the wonderful staff and family atmosphere. We love that every child is greeted by name with a big smile from the reception team every morning, and we know that our little boy is safe, loved and happy at nursery every day. We are frequently blown away by the corridor displays, a huge amount of effort goes into creating a colourful and stimulating learning environment for the children. We agonised for a while about whether to stay for FS1 or make the jump to ‘big school’. We are so happy that we made the decision to stay. The small class sizes and value for money were definitely a factor, and our little boy is learning and developing in a familiar environment while having LOTS of fun thanks to his amazing teacher. We honestly could not have wished for a better start to our son’s school journey. Thank you EBN, you are a very special nursery and there will be tears when it is time to leave.



When I chose EBN 9 years ago for my eldest daughter who was only 4 months old naturally I was extremely scared and nervous about leaving my baby in someone else’s care at such a young age but since day one I have never ever looked back or had any doubts . All 3 of my children have been through EBN, they have all flourished in this safe and caring environment. Staff are so supportive and friendly it is just  such a happy environment with a strong family atmosphere. It’s a very special place, I highly recommend this nursery to all!



We had a wonderful experience with Emirates British Nursery, starting with the friendly staff, professional teachers and teacher assistants to the super cleanliness of the nursery. Emirates British Nursery has added to my daughter's character; she enjoys being there a lot. It is a place you can call home for your toddler.