• To be the Emirates premier provider of pre school education and childcare.
  • To set quality standards and excellence in the teaching development and care of young children in the UAE.


  • To safeguard and meet the child's individual, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs.
  • To build, develop and sustain a friendly, warm, nurturing environment for all children and their families.
  • To provide a secure, caring environment in which all children can develop and excel.
  • To cultivate honest values and ensure every child is included and not disadvantaged because of ethnicity, culture or religion, disability, gender or ability.
  • To develop an active and open relationship with parents.
  • To show a sense of responsibility towards the local and wider community and to prepare children for the challenges and opportunities the future may hold.



"Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured."

(QCA British Curriculum Guidance)





Choosing Childcare

Evidence shows high quality provision during the foundation years has a lasting impact on children's future learning life chances. Learning begins from birth and at Emirates British Nursery we know that pre school education can make an important and positive impact in the learning development and wellbeing of young children. At Emirates British Nursery we recognise that all children are individuals with their own interests, abilities and developing views of the world. A child's individuality should be treasured and their curiosity encouraged. Our approach is based on the belief that alongside an enabling environment, praise and encouragement lead to a happy thriving confident child.